Choose the Kit that best fits your needs

Think about the person whom you are purchasing this kit for, do they often camp outdoors with their own gear? Do they not have any preparation supplies? Are they a leader in outdoor adventures and are they prepared with all of their own gear for such a disaster?

Basic Kit

This kit is made for the adventurer in your midst. They travel outdoors extensively and could possibly live in the wilderness with all of the gear and skills they have. This is the person you call when you need help.

Complete Kit

This kit is made for the person who likes adventure but may not have all the necessary equipment. Filling those critical voids in their arsenal, this kit will help to sustain them for the long haul.

Ultimate Kit

This kit is made for the person who is not prepared for an emergency situation. They may even scoff at the idea of disaster in their immediate future, but you know better. Do them a favor, before it's too late.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can purchase as many kits as necessary. We suggest one for each person.

Yes. All our kits are hand-assembled and contained in either a sturdy backpack or a hard case. Our “Ultimate kit” comes in a dust & water proof container. This container is also  shockproof and UV resistant. With all of our kits, you should keep them locked and safely stored for future use.

We do not supply any food rations in our kits, so you can keep the kit for as long as needed. We suggest a secure and weatherproof location. The best is dry and cool, just like most other items stored for long periods of time.

Yes. The smaller kits include several N90 Particle masks approved by OSHA. These are effective in filtering out 99% of all airborne particulates. Our ULTIMATE kit includes a ga mask that protects against chemical gases and harmful poisons.

There are many websites that carry the supplies that you will need. Our store includes only the supplies we have found to work best for the long-term survival methods needed to last the entire 7 years of this catastrophic event known as The Great Tribulation. SHOP OUR STORE.

Prepare yourself and others with a Tribulation Survival Kit. These kits can save your life, help you survive and possibly outlast the wrath to come. Your eternal life is at stake, or maybe your eternal death, the choice is up to you. Purchase one or more of our kits for; yourself, your family, friends or neighbors. Heck, you should even buy one for your enemy. They will thank you for it.
This time of devastation is commonly known as the Great Tribulation. The Bible refers to this time as the 70th week of Daniel. A time when God redeems His people (Jews) and His wrath upon the wicked. The events are incredibly destructive, both to mankind and the earth.