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The time known as: Armageddon, Tribulation, End-Of-Days, Time of Jacob’s Trouble, will bring death and devastation like we have never seen.
This time is also known as the 70th week of Daniel and during this 7-year period, the world will witness the wrath of God upon all mankind.

7 seals


Conquering Leader will rise to power

War & Bloodshed will spread

Famine will kill millions

Pestilence & Death

Martyrs are vindicated

Massive Earthquake will destroy cities


7 trumpets


Hail, Fire, Blood fall from the sky

Burning Mountain falls from the sky

Wormwood poisons the waters

Sun Diminished

Plague of locusts

Plague of Horsemen

Reign of Christ

7 bowls


Severe Boils on the wicked

Sea turned to blood

Rivers turned to blood

Solar Flare burns the earth

Darkness covers Antichrist's kingdom

Euphrates River dries up - Eastern army

100-pound Hailstones fall from the sky